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Andrew Osterday

5 minutes

Local Chase To 1,000 Raises More Than $5,000 for The Giving Kitchen — A Pictorial Journey

In April, as COVID19’s impacts were hitting Atlanta and the world hard and the only constant was change, everyone at LOCAL was asking, “What more can we do?”.

We are a change communications company and we were built for times like these. While we were already hard at work supporting small businesses, our people, and our clients, we knew it was time to step up and help our local community, too.

Enter the #LocalChaseTo1000, a weeklong physical challenge to raise funds for The Giving Kitchen, our neighbors and an indispensable non-profit that provides stability for some of the most hard-working and vulnerable members of our community: food service workers.

TGK is committed to supporting these amazing folks with compassion and care by providing financial assistance to those in crisis due to an unexpected illness (including COVID-19), injury, death of an immediate family member, or housing disaster in Georgia.

The task and goal were simple: over 7 days, the LOCAL team and our family members would run, walk, cycle, paddle, and crawl 1,000 miles to raise money and support for The Giving Kitchen.

To raise the stakes, LOCAL announced we would match personal donations up to $1,500 and partner organization Ryno Media announced the same up to $500!

We all knew how important this was. The money doesn’t just help someone out of work cover their living costs. It goes further to providing doctors services and medical costs. This money could help save a life.

Beginning April 22, #LocalChaseTo1000 was on! We are so proud of our LOCAL team for their selflessness, hard work, and ambition to make a difference in Atlanta. Our home.

Enjoy this pictorial journey of our efforts. And remember, you can still donate to The Giving Kitchen. Their critical mission continues.