Ryan Klee

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LOCAL Named a Top HR Consultant by Clutch

Clutch, a leading data-driven field guide and review site for business buying decisions, recently named LOCAL as one of the nation’s top HR consultants on their latest rankings list. 

Clutch’s place as a leading B2B site across industries comes from the fact that they “interview real clients, collect data, and compare competitors” to give an accurate representation of a firm’s work and capabilities for prospective buyers. Their system evaluates companies based on their ability to deliver, and industry expertise. 

In a press release announcing the list, Clutch Customer Experience Associate Maddie Brown said, “The HR space is constantly evolving as the world continues to change. We present this recognition only to the top HR companies with unparalleled abilities to deliver to their clients time and time again.”

In response, LOCAL Founding Partner Neil Bedwell said the team is excited to be included on the list, and that it’s a nice validation of LOCAL’s Change Marketing™ work with HR executives. 

“HR and marketing are the two departments in every business that focus on people. As a team of seasoned creatives and former marketers, we believe the same care should be applied to the people inside the company — the employees — that is given to external consumers. And we love helping HR and change pros understand that we’re all marketers, and our approach will increase the success of your change initiatives.”

View LOCAL’s Clutch profile here. 

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