Taylor Jones

3 minutes

Can’t Retreat This Year? Staytreat Your Team Instead.

We’ve all heard the startling statistics. 2021 has seen resignation and retention woes. But beyond the headlines are lessons: studies show that fostering connection amongst teams increases job satisfaction. 

It’s crucial for companies to carve out time for employees to step away from the day-to-day to focus on building a sense of unity. After all, we all want to feel like we belong and are valued while building something. 

While off-site travel may not be realistic with ongoing concerns with COVID19, a “staytreat” might fit the bill for teams looking to foster team engagement and morale. 

Creating positive experiences for your employees to share and connect helps build healthier working relationships and ultimately, the highest quality work for your clients.

At LOCAL, we hosted our own Staytreat to show our team our appreciation for all of their hard work.

Our day started with 20-minute chair massages for every employee to get our minds into full-blown retreat mode. We then enjoyed an outdoor cookout, a keg, and some competitive cornhole on the Be Nice House’s patio.

With our bellies filled and backs relaxed, we donned our period attire for the main event: a Roaring Twenties-themed murder mystery. Hosted by Reese Glisson, our Director of Client Services, the game had us in stitches as we all got into character and tried to track Reese’s ever-shifting accent. 

After the guilty party--the humble newsie!--was identified, the team headed to dinner at one of Atlanta’s finest restaurants, Staplehouse. Their magnificent bites and lavish cocktails reminded us once again of how grateful we are for our neighbors. 

To cap off the evening, we returned to Be Nice for s’mores and plenty of laughs around a campfire, reveling in the opportunity to enjoy LOCAL’s greatest quality: each other’s company.