Real transformation comes from within.

Each of your employees is a sophisticated consumer driven by unique beliefs, fears, and hopes. And their attention has never been in higher demand.

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From best-laid plans to well-loved customs.

We safeguard transformation with stories that stoke pride, build culture, and drive behavior.

Our three-step, consumer-grade Change Marketing™ process helps companies design programs that reach within.

A simple diagram shows Change Marketing involves People First Consulting and Consumer Grade Communication

People First


Consumer Grade



Gaining an Understanding

First, we gather what we need to understand a problem, its people, and its context. And we’ll emerge with a better sense of where the opportunity lies. 



Finding the Pulse

Next, we’ll frame a narrative that will help people believe in the opportunity, care about it, and, ultimately, adopt it. This story becomes the heart of our work moving forward. 



Reaching Our Audience 

Finally, we’ll define tactics and create assets that help send the story into the world. Ranging from videos to live events to digital experiences, our craft process seeks to win hearts and minds. 

Things We Make
• Cultural Readiness
• Strategy & Communications Consulting
• Change Marketing™ Programs
• Strategy Workshops
• Etc. Etc.™
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