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Taylor Jones

3 minutes

Slack Hacks

Are you still emailing your colleagues? Stop that! At LOCAL, a thriving Slack scene is central to our culture. Slack helps us propel a running dialogue, fuels our GIF wars, and elicits Pavlovian responses to its signature notification sound from our devices, no matter where we are. Is your team getting the most out of Slack? Here are a few of our squad’s best-loved Slack Hacks to help make the platform even more checkable.


Don’t just settle for client-specific channels, which can become overwhelming. Set up project-based channels to empower different groups of folks to focus their discussions, remain aligned, and move faster toward a goal. 

The same logic goes for your internal channels. Do you have a #cooking channel? How about a #watching channel for company-wide TV and movie recommendations? Whether based on affinities, hobbies, or shared interests, these channels can generate real connections and thriving culture. 


Recreate the quick, informal discussions you’d have in the office right in Slack. Huddles are voice calls you can start in any channel or direct message (DM) by clicking the microphone icon at the bottom of the channels menu. You can invite specific people to join, share your screen to work side-by-side with your team, and can even turn on captions for added accessibility. 


The Giphy extension is, unquestionably, Slack’s most important feature. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a gif’s worth at least a million, right?  


Want to really up your Slack game? Create some custom emojis to liven up your Slack threads and reactions. Follow the steps below to create your own Slackmojis of a client’s logo or even your pet: 

  1. Find the photo you want to use as your custom emoji. 
  2. Use Photoshop or an online app ( is a great option) to create a transparent background - don’t forget to download and save! 
  3. Open Slack. 
  4. Click your workspace name in the top left corner. 
  5. Click ‘Customize Slack’. 
  6. Click ‘Add Custom Emoji’. 
  7. Upload your image and name it. 
  8. Click ‘Save’. 

Congratulations. You’re now a Slack Champion. Go forth and wow your colleagues with your mastery of the platform.